Invitation to 2019 EUROBIKE (9.1-E02)

Frankfurt am Main – The second edition of Eurobike in Frankfurt am Main (June 21 to 25, 2023) is very popular. The previous year's number of participating exhibitors is exceeded, which entails an expansion of the expo area compared to the premiere event. The great interest from all over the world also confirms: bicycles, e-bikes, light electric vehicles, and future mobility industries are on the way to a sustainable future and Eurobike is a driver of the global development.
Invitation to 2019 EUROBIKE (A5-223)

EUROBIKE 2019 will in addition to the purely trade-centred exchange on three workdays (4 to 6 September) again celebrate consumer enthusiasm for the bicycle with the return of the Festival Day on Saturday, September 7th. The practice of providing numerous highlights for representatives of the media and organising expert conferences on the eve of the show will also continue in the coming year on Tuesday, 3 September 2019.

Enabling journalists to test the sporting aspects of new products, the EUEROBIKE Media Days will be taking place during the established period from July 2nd to 4th 2019.

Invitation to 2018 EUROBIKE (A5-223)

“The global bike and e-mobility industry needs this annual meeting as a show of performance, as inspiration and as a eureka experience for all of the relevant actors in the industry. Our companions in this market are those who will come out the winners of the bicycle and e-mobility megatrends. That won’t happen if we merely react to the market, but rather only if we shape it ourselves – with creativity, a wealth of ideas, and passion. The Eurobike is a dynamic brand that will continue to evolve in the future.”

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2017 Eurobike (Booth No: A5-222)

A natural result of the e-boom in the bicycle industry is that more and more companies from other industries are discovering the bike for themselves. For startup entrepreneurs as well, the bicycle industry offers exciting new perspectives and business models. One indication of this is the steady growth in the number of startups exhibiting at the Eurobike (August 30 to September 2, 2017) over the last few years. These companies are able to gain valuable experience and generate strong positive momentum for their young businesses at the show.
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2017 Taipei International Cycle Show. (K0001)

Progressive Cycles booth is at K0001 ( Level 1 at Nangan Exhibition Hall)...more
2016 Eurobike (Booth No: A5-223)

Eurobike 2016: New concept gains momentum.
Business Days and Festival Days to make the Eurobike 2016 the world’s leading double feature trade show - Demo Area will offer permanent, expanded test opportunities - new opening hours....more
2016 Taipei International Cycle Show. (K0001)

Progressive Cycles booth is at K0001 ( Level 1 at Nangan Exhibition Hall)...more
2015 Eurobike ( Booth No.:A6-216)

The great bike show provides a comprehensive overview of the industry:
International bicycle trade exhibition opens on Wednesday, August 26-Public day is Saturday, August 29, 2015-Demo Day on the fairgrounds on Tuesday, August 25.
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2015 Taipei International Cycle Show ( I-1309a)

Progressive Cycles booth is at I-1309a ( Level 1 at Nangan Exhibition Hall)...more
2014 Taichung Bike Week

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